4 Ways your Local Pharmacy may help with Diabetic Care

Millions of people are suffering from diabetes today. Diabetic patients need proper care is needed to maintain a healthy life. The local pharmacies can play an important role in diabetic care. These are some of the ways your local pharmacy can help you in keeping your sugar level down.


Provide education and coaching

Your pharmacist can let you know about the correct diet and exercise routine you must follow. You can also learn about the lifestyle changes you should adapt so that you can maintain your blood sugar level. You will know about the usage of insulin and other treatments available for diabetes.

Offer ACI testing

You can easily do ACI testing on a regular basis at your nearest pharmacy. The procedure takes only five minutes. It is recommended that you do ACI testing every quarter.

Review medicines

If you have diabetes, you are likely to visit your local pharmacy often to take your medicine. A pharmacist may review your medicines and give you suggestions. If you are having any side effect due to some medicine, then you can discuss that with the pharmacist as well.

Sell diabetes-related products

Your pharmacy will have various diabetes-related products on the shelf including vaccines, resistance bands, footwear, etc. So, you won’t have to walk miles to look for these products.

A diabetic patient needs to lead a disciplined life. It is important to check the sugar level regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A pharmacist can help you with all the information you need to stay healthy even when you are suffering from diabetes.